5 Things in Your Kitchen You Didn’t Know You Could Reuse or Recycle

Your kitchen is one of the busiest places inside your house. With this, you use your kitchen at least three times a day to prepare meals, excluding that occasional visits for snacks and water drinking. There are many things that you just throw away, which could still be used for different purposes. Just like the old furniture that you want to toss away in a Dumpster Rental, you can be creative in recycling the things you see in the kitchen, even some of the ingredients can be reused.  

Recycling does not just save your space, it also keeps you stay organized, and the environment clean.  


Strictly speaking, you cannot recycle your sponges unless they are organic sponges that come from the sea, which could decompose. Synthetic sponges cannot decompose because they are made of plastic. It is also hard to find companies that recycle these sponges. So, you have no choice but to recycle them on your own. One clever idea is to exploit the very unique characteristic of sponge – they are absorbent, which means they soak up water efficiently. By this fact, you can just rinse the sponge, cut it to pieces and put inside your pot and covered them with soil. With the sponge inside, your pot will be able to absorb more water. 

You can also use them for painting purposes. 


Your corks are some of the sustainable materials you can find in your kitchen. The cork trees, which corks came from, can last up to 300 years. There are many DIY projects you can use for corks such as making them a small Christmas tree, or a pen holder, or any artistic projects.  

Cardboard boxes 

If you have children, you probably have many cereal boxes inside your house. Some people discard these boxes, but you can recycle them of course! Think about using these cardboard boxes for your kid’s crafts or projects for school. Also, they can also be used for storing other food.  

Plastic containers 

Most of the plastic containers you will find in your kitchen are recyclable. You can always turn them into storage facilities for your room or any parts of your house. In fact, a lot of mommies make use of their old plastic containers and make them for storage even in the kitchen.  


Yes, you can recycle your used tap water. However, this might require a little bit of planning. You can structure your plumbing in a way that any used tap water or rainwater can be used for other cleaning purposes like flushing the toilet, or you can have them go directly to the garden, although doing so will require you to have biodegradable soap so that you cannot hurt your plants with chemicals.  

Aside from what we mentioned above, there are a lot of things that you can recycle inside your kitchen including your appliances, electronics, food waste, bottles, cans from your sodas, grocery bags, and others. 

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